I have two great passions in my life. One is sea and ships, the other is patterns.

I pursued the first one by graduating from a maritime academy in Poland (my home country) and becoming a merchant navy officer.

The other was always somewhere in my heart. I notice patterns, I dream patterns, I enjoy patterns and as a natural consequence, I create patterns directly from my soul.

I no longer go away on ships (which doesn’t mean I never will ). I live in beautiful southern England with my family, in my happy creative place surrounded by rich vegetation which is an endless source of inspiration to me.

In my style I combine the two worlds that I love, the cleanliness and simplicity of the open horizon at sea and the abundance and organic beauty of nature which stuns me every morning in the same way as it did when I used to set foot on land for the first time after months at sea.

I use simple shapes and plenty of colour. My inspiration comes from all sorts of different sources: nature, travels, folk art, my children’s imagination or vintage patterns. I enjoy travelling, observing the world and people and noticing beauty in all sorts of places.